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Barn Cats

Barn Cats

Have a Barn? Need a Mouser?

Woods Humane Society has established a Barn Cat Program and seeking adopters who are interested in having a barn cat live on their property.

The shelter is bringing in healthy, independent cats that are in need of good indoor/outdoor barn homes but often are not truly suited to the life of a lap cat. All that these free-spirited cats need is you, access to food, water, and a suitable outdoor shelter. These cats prefer to be left to do their thing and explore the world around them. They are not the cuddly type and will provide environmentally friendly rodent control for your barn.

Please follow the link below to submit a Barn Cat Interest Form. We will contact you when we have a Rodent Control Specialist ready for pick up.

Healthy Cats

All of the cats (or kittens) in our Barn Cat Program have received proper veterinary care, including vaccinations, spay or neuter, and an ear tip that quickly and easily identifies them as already spayed/neutered. This way, you won't have to worry about unexpected litters of kittens or mating calls/behavior.

Some of these cats may be timid at first, as they might not have had a lot of humane socialization. They are used to being outside. In addition, relocating the cats to their new homes will require an adjustment for them to successfully adapt and we are more than happy to provide advice with this transition. Properly transitioned to a new home and provided with regular source of food, water and shelter, cats rarely leave their new "workplace."

Fee Waived!

We realize that cats that are more on the "feral" side and prefer being outdoors are harder to find homes for. Therefore, all of our Barn Cats are fee waived! We want them in a place where they will have the essentials and have space to do what they do best — keeping those unwanted rodents away! Although barn cat adoption fees are waived, donations are gladly accepted to help cover veterinary costs incurred during their stay with us.

Submit a Barn Cat Interest Form, and we will contact you to match you up with a working cat suitable for your property!

Barn Cat
Interest Form
Click Here to download our Barn Cat Information Flyer
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