If Something Happens to You, What Happens to Your Pets?

Nobody likes to think about it, but what would happen to your pets if you died or became unable to care for them. Who would provide a loving home? Who would know their daily routines, favorite treats, medical needs, and what makes them feel safe and loved?

Every year bewildered animals whose owners have died are brought to Woods Humane Society by caring family and friends. They want what’s best for the animals but know little about their needs, unique personalities, and disposition. Suddenly the pet is in an unfamiliar environment without the comfort of its human companion.

For this reason, Woods Humane Society has created the Caring Companions Program. Drawing on more than 60 years of animal adoption experience and expertise, Woods Humane Society will work to ensure your pet has the type of lifelong, caring home you have pledged to provide them.

Enrolling in the Caring Companions Program is simple. You complete a Pet Profile Form for each pet you would like to enroll and return it to Woods Humane Society. We will schedule a time to meet with you to learn as much as we can about your pet’s unique needs.

Caring Companions Program Benefits:

  • Caring Companions Program members will have the opportunity to complete a Pet Profile Form (cat and dog) guiding the Woods Humane Society staff in finding an ideal home. A personal letter from you will go to the pet’s new family.
  • Upon arrival, Woods Humane Society staff and behavior experts will examine the pet and provide medical care, vaccinations, and behavior training as needed.
  • Caring Companions Program members have peace of mind knowing that the Woods Humane Society staff will use an extensive one-on-one counseling process to screen potential adopters using the information provided in the Pet Profile form.
  • Post-adoption follow-up from Woods Humane Society staff will be provided to ensure the placement is working well and the pet is being well cared for.
  • Access to Woods Humane Society behavior experts will be provided to the new adopting family for any assistance with pet behavior issues that may arise.

Each pet enrolled in the program does require a donation of $5,000 or more. This can be an outright gift, bequest, or other planned gift. Your contribution will provide for your pets while they are at Woods Humane Society. Any portion of your donation not used for the care of your pet will be used for other homeless animals at Woods Humane Society.

Many of us at Woods Humane Society have our own beloved pets and understand how important it is to know they will be lovingly cared for regardless of the circumstances. If you have any questions about our Caring Companions Program please contact Jamie Relth at (805) 543-9316 X20.

Caring Companions