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Project M.E.O.W.

Project M.E.O.W.

Let's Stop the Cycle, One Trap at a Time. Together We Can Make a Difference.

Project M.E.O.W. is a community subsidy program that assists volunteers with the costs associated with sterilizing feral and community cats.

Whether you're a fan of felines or not, Trap-Neuter-Return is good for community cats and great for the people who live near them. Grants initially funded this program, however, those funds are limited, and this program has continued to grow each year. Woods Humane Society is turning to members of our community to help sustain this essential work.

Cat in trap at Project MEOW spay day

Together, the North County and San Luis Obispo Clinics sterilize, Rabies vaccinate, and ear-tip more than 1,000 community cats each year!

To do our part to help manage the existing cat colonies, we host Tip It Tuesdays in partnership with local feline rescue organizations, to help curb kitten season as much as possible. We get calls daily from the public who need access to affordable spay/neuter services for the many community cats they are willing to trap, like this dedicated volunteer:

"It's a new year. Kitten season is here. It is no longer seasonal; it's a year-round ordeal.

Having access to affordable spay/neuter services was the answer to my attempt to managing a feral colony in excess of 100 cats. In less than six months, I have been able to fix and vaccinate 37 cats. Without these services available, I would not have been able to accomplish this."

There are so many wonderful people in our community willing to put in the hard work of trapping and transporting cats.  We need to keep funding this program so people will continue to trap and return cats, and if a new cat colony were to emerge, Woods would be there ready to address those needs.

Donate to Project M.E.O.W. and help manage pet populations with Woods.

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