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Surrender a Pet

Surrender a Pet

Bringing an Animal to Woods

At Woods Humane Society we understand that giving up a pet is one of the most difficult decisions ever made and our trained staff are here to help.

Whenever possible we encourage pet owners to explore all options before surrendering a pet. Even the finest shelters are stressful environments for animals accustomed to living in a home. Consider this list of alternatives to surrendering, this article about how to rehome your pet, and this helpful resource for listing and finding a new home for your pet before making a surrender appointment.

Woods Humane Society also offers resources to help pets remain with their owners such as our Pet Pantry, low-cost spay/neuter services, and affordable dog training classes.   

Our staff is also available to counsel you on ways to help keep your pet in your home or safely rehome them yourself. If you are unsure about what options are available for you, please call and speak with an Intake Coordinator in SLO at (805) 543-9316 x 39 or in Atascadero x 42.

If surrender is your best option, please note that all surrenders to Woods are done by appointment only and urgent or same-day surrenders cannot be accommodated. Our Intake Coordinators must consider adequate housing, staffing and other resources for each individual surrender, and it may be up to 3 weeks before your appointment date.

Please plan ahead and use the appropriate link below to submit an appointment request with adequate time for scheduling. Please be sure to submit one request form per animal/litter. Our professionally trained staff will evaluate your individual animal’s needs and determine if Woods Humane Society is able to accept your dog or cat into our adoption program. Please be sure to answer all questions on the form. We cannot guarantee that incomplete forms will be processed. Once your appointment request has been processed, we will contact you regarding the surrender of your pet.

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