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Community Cats

Community Cats

Woods Humane Society is working hand-in-hand with other groups in San Luis Obispo County to provide an ultra-low cost option for feral and community cat sterilization, through our Project M.E.O.W. 

If you are concerned about unowned cats living in your neighborhood and you live in South County or the Coastal Communities and need assistance with trapping, please reach out to the Feline Network of the Central Coast or if you live in North County, Paws Cause.

If you are able to trap the cats yourself and bring them to our clinic, please contact us for an appointment. Traps are available for rental from our Woods Humane Society North County Adoption Center. Please call 805-543-9316 x40 for more information. Please see our Trapping Basics document for guidance and watch the video below.

Feral and community cats are eligible for discount services thanks to donations to our Project M.E.O.W. fund. Cats can be altered under this program for $25 provided funding is available. All cats will receive an ear tip and a rabies vaccination.

Please call to schedule your spay/neuter appointment.  (805) 540-2692 for the SLO location or (805) 464-5034 for the Atascadero location.

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