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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Feline Network Voucher Program

If you live in the city of SLO, south county and the coastal communities, the Feline Network of the Central Coast can provide help for those who cannot afford to spay or neuter their owned cats by providing vouchers to help cover the cost.  To learn more about this program, contact the Feline Network.  Once you've provided Feline Network with the necessary information for the voucher, please contact Woods at (805) 540-2692 to schedule an appointment.

City of Atascadero Program

The city of Atascadero has provided limited funding to offer a $25 discount on surgeries for Atascadero residents. Please contact Woods at (805) 464-5034 to schedule an appointment.

Daphne Fahsing Spay/Neuter Fund (Cats Only)

Limited financial assistance is available through the Daphne Fahsing Spay/Neuter Fund for North County residents. Please contact Woods at (805) 464-5034 to schedule an appointment.

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