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Pets of the Year Calendar Contest Tips

Personalize Your Calendar Contest Page!

  • Once you fill out your registration information, you will receive an email with a link to your fundraising page. Click the link to open your page. Make sure you are logged in to your account by clicking "LOGIN" at the top right of your page.
  • Click the "Manage" button at the top-right to begin personalizing your page. (You can click back and forth between Manage and "View" at any time to see how your page looks to visitors.) After clicking the “Manage” button, you will see 5 tabs where you can personalize your page: Overview, Details, Story, Donations, and Emails.
  • In the Overview tab, you will see automatic suggestions of ways you can get started with personalizing your page. Feel free to follow these prompts.
  • In the Details tab, add your Calendar Photo Submission as your profile picture. 
    • If you're using your phone, you can click Edit at the top right above your image and select the crop tool to crop the image into a square. Click Done. Then upload your photo. Tap "Actual Size" and then select "Small" or any size under 2 MB. Tap Choose and Insert.
    • If you are using a desktop, open your photo on your computer. Using your photo software, select Edit and Crop to crop your image into a square. Then select "resize image" from the drop-down menu and reduce the size to under 2MB. Save this as a small, square version of your submission. (You will need to add your full-size print quality photo submission into the body of the "Story" section in order to meet eligibility requirements). Edit your Fundraiser Nickname, your headline, your voting/fundraising goal, and your vanity URL. You can also select your notifications settings here.
  • Add your photo and story contest submission! In the Story tab, submit the print-quality version of your photo submission by clicking the picture icon at the bottom of the screen. Then edit the pre-set story or write your own heartstring-pulling reason why your pet should be voted a Pet of the Year. Stories must be 200 words or less. 
  • In the Donations tab you can view and respond to those who have voted for your pet. Send them a thank you message!
  • In the Emails tab you will find our template email, text, and social media messages that you can copy and paste into your own email to send to friends and family. There are options for Asking for Votes and options for Thanking for Votes. Click on the email rectangles to select, copy and paste the message you’d like to use.
  • When you’re done, click “VIEW” at the top-right to see what your page looks like to viewers. Then start sharing the link to your page! You can go back to “Manage” mode at any time.

Pick a WINNING Photo!

Photo submissions must be print-quality. So, first and foremost, set your camera to the highest resolution possible! Next, turn off your flash. Then, capture a photo that is free of clutter and focuses on your pet. Clear, well-lit, horizontal photos will look the best in the print calendar. Read our rules for more information about photo eligibility.


In your story nomination, share your pet’s history, quirks, and lovable qualities. Share how your life has been changed by them. Explain why you are moved to support Woods Humane Society. In short, inspire voters to support your pet and Woods Humane Society!


You are now your pet’s election campaign manager! Click the Emails tab on your fundraising page to copy and paste a pre-made vote-request or thank you message to share via email, text, or social media. Remember to include the link to your page!

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