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Jonah Needs Your Help
April 14, 2022

Jonah Needs Your Help

Jonah has a face that will break your heart and a story that will inspire you to become part of it.

When this sweet, young boy was found, he was emaciated, had a terrible wound stretching across his face, and was limping in pain. We don’t know what misfortunes Jonah survived, but with your help, we are determined to change his luck.

Jonah Crystal Fund Mobile

Last week, we transported him out of an overcrowded shelter on the very day he was scheduled to be euthanized. He is safe, warm, and getting the food and TLC he needs with us. However, after examining him, our veterinary team discovered that Jonah will likely require multiple procedures in order to fully recover.

His right eyelid will need to be surgically corrected, and his knee and hip injuries are so serious that he will likely require more than one operation with the help of a local surgeon specializing in orthopedic procedures.

Now, we are asking the community for help to get Jonah back on his paws and on the path to his forever home.

Jonah has endured an unimaginably frightening and painful journey in his young life. Please donate to our Crystal Fund today to help provide the life-changing resources needed to give him, and others like him, relief from pain and hope for a happy future.

Learn more about the Crystal Fund for specialized veterinary care, here.

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