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12 Days of Santa Paws

Santa Paws Fundraiser Resources
Use these resources to help make your fundraiser successful!

Right-click on the below images to save them and share them in your social media posts, texts and other fundraising outreach efforts!

Woods-Santa-Paws-2021-GRAPHIC-FOR-SHARING-dogWoods-Santa-Paws-2021-GRAPHIC-FOR-SHARING-catWoods-Santa-Paws-2021-GRAPHIC-FOR-SHARING-cat-and-dogSanta Paws Shareable Letter to SantaSanta Paws Shareable Letter to Santa CatWoods Humane Society Santa Paws 12 Days Song Graphic

Copy and paste these messages to help make your fundraiser successful!

“Dear Santa Letter” Cat Version

(Copy and paste the below letter into your Fundraising Page "story" and/or appeal emails!)

Dear Santa Paws, Friends, and Family, 

Cats are not known to stoop to begging, but…

This holiday season, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want just ONE thing from Santa Paws:

I want to help animals who haven’t found a home yet!

Will you please consider donating to the pets at Woods, in lieu of giving me a present this year?

We only have 12 days until The Big Day, so, to make it easy, here’s a list of my 12 favorite things that I enjoy all the time in my forever home (and a suggested donation amount).

Pick a gift amount and your donation will help me pay my favorite things forward to another homeless pet!

  • Twisty Ties & Bottle Caps (my fave toys) ($5 donation)
  • Fishy Wand ($12 donation)
  • Cardboard Scratcher ($15 donation)
  • Emergency Cat Nip Supply ($20 donation)
  • Secret Hidey Bed ($25 donation)
  • Mechanical Fishy Toy ($35 donation)
  • A Morning of Bird-Watching by the Window ($50 donation)
  • A Dripping Sink ($55 donation)
  • My Favorite Shoe Box ($60 donation)
  • A Moth Flying Around the House ($75 donation)
  • Lap Time on the Couch ($80 donation)
  • Special Time with Grandma (I’m looking at you, Grandma!) ($100 donation)

In all seriousness, though, a gift of ANY amount can give hope to homeless animals this holiday season. My goal is to raise $500 by 12/25—that’s enough to help one animal get the shelter and medical care it needs.

So, what do you say? Can you help?

Click that big red button to make a quick, secure donation on my page today.

Please consider this your gift to me and my family this holiday season. I promise to pay you back in head-butts, purrs, snuggles, and smiles in the year to come!

Purr-ever Yours,

[Your Cat's Name Here]


Thank You Message – Cat Version

Copy and paste the below into your "thank you" message on your fundraising page

I’m so happy, I’m making muffins on my laptop right MEOW! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me toward my goal to help my pals, the dogs and cats at Woods Humane Society, this holiday season. Feel free to check back on my fundraising progress as I attempt to reach my goal! 

Purr-ever Yours,

[Your Cat's Name Here]


12 Days of Santa Paws Song

Copy and paste this into your social media posts each day of the 12 Day fundraiser. Ask followers to donate towards the highlighted day’s gift amount.

Will you help me make one of these homeless pet holiday wishes come true by donating to my fundraiser page?

(Sing it with me!)

On the twelfth day of Santa Paws, Woods Lovers gave to me…

  • Twelve Pups a-Chewing ($40)
  • Eleven Cats a-Scratching ($35)
  • Ten Wands a-Swinging ($80)
  • Nine Dogs Not-Licking ($28)
  • Eight Pets a-Brushing ($45)
  • Seven Chips a-Scanning ($140)
  • Six Fleas Not-Laying ($60)
  • Four Puzzle Bowls ($50)
  • Three Cat Spays ($150)
  • Two Hidey Beds ($30)
  • And a Full Pet Adoption Fee ($100)

How to Start Your Santa Paws Fundraising Page 

Once you fill out your registration information, you will receive an email with a link to YOUR fundraising page. Click the link to open your page.

Make sure you are logged in to your account by clicking "LOGIN" at the top right of your page.

Then click the "Manage" button at the top-right to begin personalizing your page. (You can click back and forth between Manage and "View" at any time to see how your page looks to visitors.)

After clicking the “Manage” button, you will see 5 tabs where you can personalize your page: Overview, Story, Donations, Emails, and Details.

  1. In the Overview tab, you will see automatic suggestions of ways you can get started with personalizing your page. Feel free to follow these prompts.
  2. In the Story tab, you can edit your “story” (the body text of your page) and add photos. Click the picture icon at the bottom to add pictures into the story section of your page. You can also add updates to your page here to share with your friends and family about your progress. Click the “Updates” option to add updates.
  3. In the Donations tab you can view and respond to those who have donated to your page. Send them a thank you message!
  4. In the Emails tab you will find our template email messages that you can copy and paste into your own email to send to friends and family. There are options for Asking and options for Thanking. Click on the email rectangles to select, copy and paste the message you’d like to use.
  5. In the Details tab, you can add your profile picture and edit your Fundraiser Nickname, your headline, your fundraising goal, and your vanity URL. You can also select your notifications settings.

When you’re done, click “VIEW” at the top-right to see what it looks like to viewers. Then start sharing the link to your page! You can go back to “Manage” mode at any time.


5 Tips for Successful Fundraising

1. Upload a Photo. May we recommend the one with the puppy-eyes or the cuddly kitten cuteness? Your pet’s happiness is a representation of the joy that can be spread to other homeless pets through fundraising.

2. Make it Official! Change your Fundraiser Nickname to your pet's name, add a page headline, and set your goal! Need some ideas? $150 covers an Adoption Fee, $300 covers Dog Training for an Under-socialized dog, $500 covers Medical Care for a pet in need, $800 covers Complete Shelter Care for one animal.

3. Personalize your “Story.”  Feel free to edit or add to the template story and be sure to add your pet's name to the bottom of the letter. Find a Cat Version of the Story, Appeal, and Thank You messages above!

4. Go tell it on the mountains! Click the Emails tab on your fundraising page to copy and paste a pre-made donation request message or thank you message for dogs or cats to email. Download our shareable graphics above and share them with the message via email, text, or social media. Remember to include the link to your page!

5. Have a cookie. Treat yourself and your pet, as you watch the fundraising dollars pour in to help homeless pets this holiday season. You deserve it!


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