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Pets of the Year - August 2024
July 11, 2024

Pets of the Year - August 2024

Our August winner for the 2024 Pets of the Year Calendar Contest, sponsored by PetMed Urgent Care, was loved dearly by his family for his immaculate beauty, grace and agility. Read below about how Tibby, the cool LA cat, made his way to the central coast and into his family’s heart! And get ready for the Pets of the Year Calendar Contest for calendar year 2025, happening right now!

"Tibby (aka Spec) came into our family before we were a family at all. Found in the second story window sill of his mommy's L.A. apartment, he immediately became the head of the household. Through the years he became an older brother to his favorite orange tabby and his less favorite human baby sister. His immaculate beauty, grace, agility and a temperament that perfectly balanced general irritability with empathetic tenderness, brought more joy to our family than we though imaginable. Truly our pride and joy. He was taken too soon, in April of 2023, but will forever be a part of hearts and a part of our family! Daddy, Mommy, your fur brother and baby sister love you."

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