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Community Service & Projects From Home

Community Service & Projects From Home

Help Woods Animals & Earn Community Service Hours

Do you (or does your child) need to do community service hours for school requirements? Students who need to complete hours or who simply want to help Woods Humane Society and the animals in our care can make a difference by doing an Independent Community Service Project.

How It Works

  1. Choose a project or activity from the list below, or propose an idea of your own.
  2. Track your hours as you work.
  3. When your project is completed, please feel free to bring it to one of our locations during open hours (12-4 p.m. daily). Our customer service representatives can sign off on your service work if needed, or you are welcome to contact the Humane Education Coordinator to set up a time to bring in your items directly to her and/or to get your service hours log signed by her.

Independent Project & Activity Ideas

On the Easier Side:

  • We are THRILLED to announce you can now set up your own DIY Fundraising page for Woods! Earn service hours personalizing a page and sharing it out to friends and family! It's easy and makes a big impact for the animals! This is also a GREAT idea for those generous youth who wish to request donations in place of gifts as a birthday fundraiser! Learn More HERE.
  • Braided fleece dog toys (or, even better, these square-knot fleece toys, similar to making a lanyard or a friendship bracelet).
  • These washable "Snuffle Mats" are excellent tools for dog enrichment and fun! They are easy to make and just take some time and patience. This video shows how to make a Snuffle Mat out of a hand towel and strips of fleece fabric. Just cut rows of slits in the towel and tie a strip of fleece into each slit, and between each slit.¬†
  • Snuffle balls for dogs or cats! (similar, but a little easier than the above)
  • Host a Toy Drive or general Donation Drive to collect items from our Wish List.
  • Host a Bake Sale to raise money for Woods.

More Difficult Projects:

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